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Bronchoscopy is a procedure in which an instrument known as bronchoscope is inserted into the person’s body in order to examine or treat certain ailment pertaining to the respiratory tract. The insertion takes place via nose or mouth and anesthesia is used to eliminate discomfort to the person going through the procedure.

It is used for diagnosis of respiratory diseases in cases in which the parson is suffering from consistent coughing or coughing up blood. Also, in cases when the results from other diagnostic procedures such as computerized axial tomography scanning or X-ray examination have showed abnormal findings in chest, the bronchoscopy is used for further examination. Bronchoscopy is also used for removal for foreign objects from airways. 

When used for therapeutic purposes, the procedure is used to remove foreign objects from the airways, to deliver certain therapeutic agents directly into the lungs, and to assist in the placement of stents (tubes, typically made of expandable wire mesh) or in the resection (removal) of tissue in cases in which cancerous growths block the airways.