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 Lung surgery is the surgery performed to restore, repair or remove lung tissue.

Common lung surgery types include Biopsy(small piece of tissue for diagnosis); Lobectomy (removal of one or more lobes of a lung);  Pneumonectomy (removal a lung); Wedge Resection (removal of a part of a lobe of a lung; Pleurodesis (surgery to prevent the buildup or return of fluid in chest cavity); Decortication-Empyema (surgery to remove an infection in the chest cavity); Intercostal tube drainage  to remove blood, fluid in the chest cavity and Bullectomy (surgery to remove small balloon-like tissues (blebs) that cause lung collapse) and Lung Transplant.

General anesthesia is administered before surgery to avoid pain and discomfort to the patient during the surgery. Thoracotomy (surgical cut on the chest) and video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS) are the most common techniques of lung surgery.  VATS involves inserting a thoracoscope attached to a small camera, the instrument is inserted  into the patient via chest incision. VATS is a less painful procedure than thoracotomy and recovery is faster.